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"We joined West USA Realty Revelation after interviewing with several local brokerages. We knew we found the right brokerage as soon as we walked through the door. Everyone was warm, welcoming, and very friendly. As you walk through the office you see agents working and on the phone or computer getting more business. Everyone is so willing to answer a question or give advice when needed, without competing with each other. Chuck and Angela are so genuine. They truly care about all the agents, and are always willing to answer questions. I love that they tell you the truth, with no sugar coating, when you need it- not just what you want to hear. They are always holding classes, Motivational Monday to start the week off, and ideas and ways to grow your business. They share the experiences they learned after years of running a large team and being successful. They are an open book willing to share the good and bad to help everyone grow. The Seller Advantage program offered to agents gave us the tools and confidence to take on listings and know they will get the Pro Exposure. From pictures, to ordering a sign post, to putting a lockbox on the house, Seller Advantage takes the "busy work" out of taking a listing so we can focus on getting the home sold. We love our brokerage and are so happy we chose West USA Realty Revelation." - Mike & Meredith Griffith
"I made the very right decision to choose West USA Realty Revelation to be my brokerage. There is no doubt it's the BEST brokerage in the valley ! Both Chuck and Angela take their leading roles very seriously and try their very best to help all the agents to learn, to thrive , to succeed. The office staff are experienced , friendly and always willing to help! I enjoy working with the best in the real estate field!" - Christian Qian Liu
"Why did I chose REVELATION REAL ESTATE? It's the great people that I surround myself with!!! Great people, Great minds, Great results!" - Michael Senior Casas Herrera
"Revelation has been amazing from the very beginning. I was torn between new home sales and resale till I met Chuck and Angela. The support & opportunities they provide their agents is like no other brokerage. They think outside the box and encourage agents to be the very best possible. Through Monday Morning Mindset, Agent Training, and the best staff, REVELATION REAL ESTATE can't be beat!" - Courtney Collins-Bayha
"I want to say what a good choice it has been for me to start my career at REVELATION REAL ESTATE. The 3 things that stand out to me are:
1. the people are here to help and they truly care about how you are doing. I have asked many people questions and got great assistance and responses. So far everyone has welcomed me and is willing to help train or even take me out with them to show me how they do it. It is wonderful to see successful people in action and learn from being there.
2. The training and educational classes are wonderful and hands on for real life learning. This is not about theory it is how to do what needs to be done and to look professional and understand the forms and contracts.
3. A great environment with tools that will start you out with a professional and effective plan. The website and agent marketing are wonderful plus Nicole is always there to give you marketing material to make your working a neighborhood look professional. It is good to have a team of people around you that want to see you succeed and become the best you can be. The leadership is about opening yourself to becoming the best you can be and not to limit yourself. They lead by example." - Robert Bobber
"I am very happy I made the decision to join REVELATION REAL ESTATE! The moment I first walked into the doors of this amazing company, I felt like I belonged here! Everyone is so welcoming and very helpful. It is just like a family! You can ask anybody in this company for a helping hand and you will receive the help with a smile. Chuck and Angela provide successful tools and training I have only seen here. They teach you how to be successful and have fun doing it! They are very hands on and have encouraging words for you. The love they have for one another runs just as deep into our company and it is felt full circle. They have the best staff that supports us all! They are quick to respond anytime someone asks for something. There are many Teams within the company if you want to go that route. I have an amazing Team Leader, Carlos Cicero. He is so business savvy and brings a cutting edge to the company. You will definitely find a home here. This company is great! It is such a joy to be part of something so spectacular!" - Lori Healy
"I chose to work with Chuck and Angela Fazio 13 years ago. Why haven't I moved? Why would I? Prodigious support, unparalleled mentorship, fun and educational training, state of the art systems, major league marketing and programs and a caring staff. Oh yea, and Chuck and Angela's skill sets compliment each other. Angela is unparalleled in process and Chuck is a marketer extraordinaire." - Marsha Catherine Schaeffer
"The reason I chose Revelation out of real estate school was because they had one of the best training programs and they actually want to make sure you succeed. I took advantage of their Membership Program and have been working hand-in-hand with one of the top producing agents at the company. I am proud to announce that I have my first sale closing tomorrow after only six weeks in the business! If you are a new or newer agent to the business and need some fundamental real estate training, this is definitely the brokerage to be at." - Brian Mullee
"I joined Revelation because I was impressed with their company’s mission which was in perfect alignment with my own. I am blown away by all of their support systems in place to help agents succeed at the highest level! As someone who has run two highly successful brokerages in the valley, I know how much work goes into helping agents succeed in such a challenging industry where the odds are stacked against you. Surrounding myself with top notch people has always been key and I’m excited to have found that once again with Chuck, Angela, and their team!" - Gustavo Suarez
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